We all have an inherent desire to be seen, heard and understood. Communication is the primary vehicle by which we attempt to share our beliefs, perceptions, inner experience and get our needs met.

When communication is nurtured and supported, it is an opportunity to gaze into another’s world and allow them to see into ours. And if the ‘back and forth’ of communication is healthy, it can become a flow of understanding and interpersonal connection.

When we pay attention to our interpersonal interactions, we often find deeply ingrained, routine ways of communicating—some of which can be particularly destructive to how we feel about ourselves or damaging to the quality of relationship we have others.

Mindful communication helps to bring awareness and choice into the process of dialogue so we can begin to break away from old habits that undermine understanding. Training our attention to notice our habits can free us to cultivate a style of relating that acknowledges our experience while allowing space for others to express themselves.

4-Week Mindful Communication Class
This Mindful Communication class will introduce you to the foundations of mindful and compassionate communication. Whether you are a parent who wants to a building stronger connection with your child(ren), professional looking to improve workplace communication or someone seeking to improve your everyday interactions, this class will provide you with communication skills that can help you cultivate greater awareness, understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

In this class you will learn how to:

    • Develop greater moment-to-moment awareness using mindfulness practices.
    • Drop judgment and criticism from your communication.
    • Connect with your own feelings and needs and listen for the feelings and needs of others.
    • Cultivate empathy for a point of view that differs from your own.
  • Authentically and respectfully make requests to have your needs met.

Winter Session
Wednesdays, February 13 – March 6
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Unity Temple on the Plaza

Cost: $80/person

Reserve your spot here.

Contact amy@mindfulheartland.com for more information.