Training for Students

Attention and focus are cornerstones of learning—yet how many of us were ever formally taught to pay attention? Teaching children how to direct and sustain attention to what is happening in the present moment not only builds their ability to focus but also imparts the critical skill of self-regulation. I offer an eight-week curriculum of 15-minute modules developed by Mindful Schools to provide students K-12 with the fundamental practices of mindfulness. This curriculum is designed to be easily accessible to students while also being adaptable to the flow and needs of the classroom.

Training for Educators

The statistics on educator burnout are nothing short of staggering. Half a million teachers leave the profession every year—that’s a turnover rate of 20%. In addition, 50% of new teachers leave the profession after five years. These statistics speak to the chronic stress educators face everyday. Mindfulness-based interventions, such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, can boost educator resilience and well-being by providing effective tools that increase their ability to manage stress, self-regulate and build connection in the classroom.

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