I am available to speak on a range of topics pertaining to mindfulness—the following are a few examples. If you would be interest in learning more and/or would like to discuss content development for a specific audience, please use the contact page or email me at amy@mindfulheartland.com.

Mindfulness in Schools

Stress is something we all have to learn to deal with in life—and in fact, some stress can be healthy. In many schools, however, administrators, educators and children are trying to manage chronic stress with few resources at their disposal. Over thirty years of empirical evidence suggests that mindfulness-based interventions can help both adults and children not only manage stress but also improve attention, emotional regulation, immune system functioning, adaptability, compassion and resilience. Introducing mindfulness practices to the classroom, can support teachers in their professional work while also providing children the life skills they need to navigate the world with greater confidence. 

Mindful Parenting

In the American Psychological Association’s most recent Stress in America survey, parents reported a more challenging relationship with stress than the average American. In addition to the stress-reducing benefits that mindfulness has been empirically shown to provide, recent research also suggests that families with a parent practicing mindfulness have children who experience less stress. Cultivating moment-to-moment nonjudgmental awareness through mindfulness practices can foster greater parental self-regulation, develop the capacity to recognize and respond to a child’s needs based on their unique temperament while promoting compassion for both parent and child. 

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Having spent several years working as a human resources professional, I have seen first hand the need for, and benefits of, incorporating mindfulness practices in the workplace. For many, the workplace is not only the place where we earn a living, but is also where we evolve our professional practice, form relationships, and serve the world with our skills, knowledge and abilities. Research continues to document the positive impact mindfulness practices can have not only on health and well-being, but also its ability to increase performance and cooperation.